Aura Lee

Publicatie uit 1861
1e Strofe
C As the blackbird D in the spring G7 'neath the willow C tree
C Sat and rocked, I D heard him sing, G7 singing Aura C Lee
C Aura Lee, Aura Lee, maid with golden hair
C Sunshine came a- D long with thee and G7 swallows in the C air

2e Strofe
C Take my heart and D take my ring I G7 give my all to C thee
C Take me for e- D ternity G7 dearest Aura C Lee

3e Strofe
C In her blush the D rose was born 'twas G7 music when she C spoke
C In her eyes the D light of morn G7 sparkling seemed to C break

Laatste strofe
C Aura Lee the D bird may flee the G7 willow' golden C hair
C Then the wintry D winds may be G7 blowing ev'ry- C where
Laatste Refrein
C Yet if thy blue |eyes I see |gloom will soon depart
C For to me sweet D Aura Lee is G7 sunshine to the C heart

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