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D When you get up in the G morning when the ding dong D ring
You make it to the A7 table, see the same old D thing.
Ain't nothing on the G table, but the pots and the D pans
Say anything a- A7 bout it, have trouble with the D man
Let the Midnight G Special shine your light on D me.
Let the Midnight A7 Special shine your ever-living lights on D me
Yonder comes a Little G Nora. How do you D know?
I know her by the A7 apron, and the dress she D wear.
Umbrella on her G shoulder, piece of paper in her D hand,
Looking for some A7 sergeant to release her D man.
I never had the G blues so, in all my life D before,
Than when my baby A7 left me, at the jailhouse D door.
Oh, she left me G crying, the tears rolled down her D face.
Says, "I'd rather see you A7 dead, boy, than in this D place."
When you go to the G city, boys, you better have the D kale,
Or the law, they'll ar- A7 rest you, and they'll put you in D jail.
The judge he'll G fine you, they'll shake you D down,
If you haven't got the A7 money, boys, you're jailhouse D bound.
If you got a good man, G woman, you better keep him at D home,
For those city A7 women won't leave him D alone.
They'll paint and G powder, they sure look D swell,
And the first thing A7 you know, woman, your man's gone to -uh- sing- D ing

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